Eddie B.

"Perfect match and last night I played live in my horn band and clearly heard and felt a difference in my sound. I am ordering them for all my saxes and since there the same brand the screw fits." 

Thiago F.

"My screw "The Buzz " by Matt from Westcoast Sax arrived! More harmonics in the sound more definition and I can feel the vibration of the notes more than ever on my hands. I'm happy!! Thank you Matt!!!!!" 

Douglas H.

"Another original part leaves my Mark VI. I finally got my Buzz Screw from Matt at Westcoast Sax and wow! I'm obsessed with having a full and dark sound and didn't think it was possible to go even more until I put the Buzz Screw on. Not only did my sound feel a lot meatier, there was an even greater fullness in the altissimo as well. When I changed back to the original screw, I HATED my sound. I also took a cue from Steve Neff's review and replaced my lyre screw with the Buzz Screw and it felt different from when I replaced the neck screw. I'm now trying to figure out if I like the Buzz in the neck area or in the lyre area."

Rick G.

"Yes love the new Buzz! Clear attack, bigger sound. Wouldn't have thought something as simple as a screw would make a difference but it does"

Ben T.

"I got mine this past weekend. Played one gig on it, and it was like a dream. The big screw really does put some extra Mojo in the horn. It's hard for me to describe exactly what it does, you just know it when you feel it. You'll also notice when it's gone." 

Joe M.

"The Buzz on my Keilwerth Soprano is giving me a Fuller, more Rounded Sound with just a little more resistance. I like it. I am definitely buying one for my Cannonball Soprano when they are available"