Jim W.

"Matt has done it again with the Westcoast Sax MOAM! I’ve been proudly playing the MoFo II on tenor since last April and now I have a fantastic alto mouthpiece with the MOAM. I find the MOAM to be a very versatile mouthpiece in that not only is it fantastic for playing rock and R&B, but surprisingly I’m also playing it in my big band. It just works in every musical situation that I work in! This mouthpiece is not overly bright, but has plenty of edge while maintaining some warmth and added color to my sound. The mouthpiece is very comfortable to play and I’m now looking forward to getting the soprano MOAM sometime in 2018. Thanks for yet another awesome mouthpiece, Matt!" 

Phil M.

"Massive congratulations to Matt and Theo Wanne this mouthpiece is epic! I bought the Mofo #115 as a bit of an experiment, being perfectly happy with my set up........but it really is something else! Amazing tone quality, fluid in 4 octaves and incredible power. I don't know how you've done this but THANK YOU!"

Ace B.

"This is THE best rock & blues mouthpiece I've ever played, and I've tried just about anything ever built during my 74 years on this planet! Thanks again Matt. Even "old" sax guys are never complacent, always striving to play better. Thus I introduce to my FB friends my new weapon of choice: The MoFo mouthpiece from Westcoast Sax. The MoFo incorporates custom design features created by Matt of Westcoast Sax and plays like it's name: this is one bad MF! It has more edge, more projection, more power and plays easier than anything I've ever tried, a list that includes Otto Links, Bergs, Jody Jazz, Guardala, Brillhart, Rovner, Dukoff and others. Check it out at" 

Lenny P.

"I've been trying tenor mouthpieces for the past couple of years.. Always searching and searching & NADA.. Been needn a piece that just plays ever so controllably. Jody Jazz was the closest to comfort I could find, until I talked to my friend Matt... he said try this piece called a MOFO.. I said what? So he sent me one that I have been playn on all morning! WOW WOW WOW... I've played them all.. Ted KLUM LONDON, JODY JAZZ DV's, Bergs, Ottos, No USA, Jody Chicago, Literally nothing even compares to this bad boy.... MOFO is the way to go... Plays ever so effortlessly! Super soft to being on FIRE! NO MORE SEARCHING! If u need a mouthpiece that won't tire u out and plays like butter.. THIS IS THE ONE! Holy Boloney! THANKS MATT.... what a kewl Vato!"

Chas M.

"I always played HR pieces and have been wanting to mix things up a bit, I tried a verity of metal mouthpieces and nothing seem to really click for me so the search continued until I was lucky enough to have a MoFo I .115 come my way. The MoFo is a power house, a Beast which matched up with my Brazilian horn perfectly. So when He open up the pre-orders on the MOAM his latest design I jump at the chance to to grab an alto piece and the .086 is smooth like butter, I was surprised how deep, dark, and sultry it could sound and with very little effort I could get her to jump to the next level to be edgy and raw. Great job Matt I'll be on the watch for a tenor piece gotta try it."

Scott M.

"Matt and his company Westcoast Sax are taking the saxophone world by storm. Matt’s ideas and concepts in mouthpiece design are very inspiring and let me achieve my tonal concept very easily. Since having immense success with the MOFO II I went ahead and purchased a MOAM for my Tenor and a MOAM for my Alto. These pieces are just killin. Matt’s customer service is impeccable and I can’t wait to see what products he comes out with in the future."