Saxophone Mouthpiece Refacing & Custom Work

Is your saxophone mouthpiece not playing or performing well? If the answer is Yes, look no further!

If the saxophone mouthpiece facing, baffle, chamber, and rail thickness are correct, every mouthpiece will play great. Being a sax player myself is a huge advantage that allows me the ability to make sure the performance and playability is spot on.

Included in a standard reface is the following: Level the table, correct the facing curve/length, and reshape the tip rail. If you need the tip opened/reshaped, epoxy baffle, bite plate, or rails thinned out... there is an additional charge (See Options). Please note there is also an additional charge for stainless steel mouthpieces due to the extra work involved. If you send me photos of your mouthpiece, I can give you a better estimate on what it will take to complete the job. 

Availability & Lead Time:

  • Please contact me first before placing an order to check availability for reface or custom work
  • Lead time is typically 2-3 weeks once I receive your mouthpiece

Mouthpiece Shipping:

  • USA Shipping - $10 Flat Rate Anywhere In The United States
  • International Shipping - To be determined based on your shipping address (Please Contact Me For Quotation)

Go to the SHOP TAB on the website to place your mouthpiece refacing order.

If you are interested in improving the playability and performance of your mouthpiece, please contact Matt Lee at or 951-805-5611

Handmade Guardala Refaced and Improved
Handmade Guardala Refaced and Improved