Westcoast Sax Artists

Boney James

Westcoast Sax MOAM Tenor, Alto, and Soprano - Check out Boney's new album "Honestly". He has sold more than three million records, four GRAMMY nominations and the list goes on. 

Candido Jessee Abeyta

Westcoast Sax MoFo II - Amazing Clarity, Easy Altissimo, and a Huge Sound! Makes me not want to put my horn down. Thank you!

Joel Antonio

Westcoast Sax MOAM, MoFo II, BUZZ Saxophone Neck Screw - From Jazz to Pop & Rock this piece does it all! Powerful, fat, bright sound, this piece has it all!

Matt Lee

Westcoast Sax MOAM - The MOAM allows me complete freedom of expression and is down right a blast to play. This is by far the most versatile mouthpiece I have ever played.

Marlon Boone

Westcoast Sax MoFo II, MOAM, BUZZ - Big sound with edge, core & it's even throughout the range. The MOAM offers me the core of HR with the projection of metal with little effort.

Terry Grohman

Westcoast Sax MOAM, BUZZ - From the MoFo to the MOAM.. solid design by Matt and Theo - screaming and edgy to smooth and silky with the same reed and ligature setup - total win!

Chas Miller

Westcoast Sax MoFo, MOAM, BUZZ - The MoFo is a power house, a Beast! I was surprised how deep, dark, and sultry it could sound and with very little effort Great job Matt!

Don McCabe

Westcoast Sax MOAM - Love playing my Tenor Moam since note number 1! It’s real easy to play and makes my horn sing! Awesome mouthpiece! Great job Matt at Westcoast Sax!

Ace Barton

Westcoast Sax MoFo I - This is THE best rock & blues mouthpiece I've ever played, and I've tried just about anything ever built. More Edge, More Projection, More Power!

Scott Murdock

Westcoast Sax MoFo II, MOAM - Matt’s ideas and concepts in mouthpiece design are very inspiring and let me achieve my tonal concept very easily. These pieces are just killin!

Nelson Garcia

Westcoast Sax MoFo I, MoFo II, BUZZ Screw - The Westcoast Sax MOFO I mouthpiece is easy to play, responds in every situation and gives me the clarity and huge sound that I look for.

Mike Vest

Westcoast Sax MoFo II, BUZZ Screw - The MoFo II helps me shape my sound for every situation. Plenty of power when called upon, and sweet sub tones for those ballads.

Chris Bussell

Westcoast Sax MoFo II, BUZZ Screw - I love what the way the buzz takes my tenor tone to the next level. The MoFo gives me the edge and power to be heard in any setting.

Daniel Klimoski

Westcoast Sax MOAM, BUZZ - Works perfectly for my performance needs. Low notes up thru altissimo, with a sweet warm tone takes the love of sax playing to a deeper level.

Justin Chin

Westcoast Sax MoFo II - When I get on stage with my mofo II I feel confident my sound will be big and altissimo will pop out easily. It’s super responsive & a must for the sax player.

Tim Rummelhoff

Westcoast Sax MoFo II - Versatility is its greatest asset. Wide palette of sound. Bottom end is silky & smooth. It's all you can ask for in a mouthpiece. Kudos, Matt!

Jim Wilpula

Westcoast Sax MoFo II, MOAM - Matt has done it again with the MOAM! This mouthpiece is not overly bright, but has plenty of edge while maintaining some warmth and added color. 

Steve Neff

Westcoast Sax MOAM .110 Tenor & .086 Alto - This piece smokes! Talk about power! The thing that is amazing is when you lay back how controlled and beautiful it can sound. 

Bill Cancel

MOAM Mouthpiece allow you to be you. All Westcoast pieces have this same unbelievable characteristic, thanks to the Craftsmanship, Manufacturing Process and Quality.

Phil Marshall

Westcoast Sax MoFo II, MOAM - Massive congratulations to Matt and Theo Wanne this mouthpiece is epic! Amazing tone quality, fluid in 4 octaves and incredible power. THANK YOU!

Reggie Padilla

Westcoast Sax BUZZ Screw - I found it aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing. It also added some extra warmth and fullness to my sound. I was able to do Jeff Coffin bends.