Westcoast Sax Story


Hi everyone, my name is Matt Lee at Westcoast Sax. I have been performing as a solo saxophonist since 1998 and have played for artists like Starship, Christopher Cross, and celebrity Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2000, I got into buying and selling Vintage Selmer Saxophones. Since then, Westcoast Sax has morphed into a saxophone community resource providing reviews and demonstrations for companies like Theo Wanne, Silverstein Works, KB Saxophones, Retro-Revival, 10M Fan, SD Systems, AMT, SaxQuest, AM Mouthpieces, SJQ Cases, Dante Straps, Morgan Mouthpieces, Vandoren and many more! In 2014, Westcoast Sax entered the saxophone accessory market developing new products like the MoFo Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece, MOAM Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Saxophone Mouthpiece as well as the BUZZ Saxophone Neck Screw. Through years of trying almost every saxophone mouthpiece and accessory on the market, I decided to come up with my own unique designs from a players perspective, which would ensure the Highest Quality, and Best Performance you can get out of a saxophone mouthpiece/accessory. All Westcoast Sax saxophone mouthpieces are proudly made in the USA and designed/handmade by Matt Lee. Quality, Performance, and Playability are my main objectives when designing saxophone accessories which are Player Inspired, so that's why your feedback makes all the difference. Cheers, Matt