Baffle Style

  • Straight Baffle: Has a straight section that extends from the tip rail and into the chamber. This baffle will provide the darkest tone. You will get a consistent sound throughout all registers. If you are looking for a darker and smoother sound, this may be a great choice. 

  • Rollover Baffle: Has a short section right behind the tip rail that rolls over. It also can be located further down the floor of the mouthpiece and rollover closer to the chamber. The rollover baffle will give you added harmonics due to variable airstream over the baffle. If you are looking for edge, power, and brightness, this will be a great choice.

  • Concave Baffle: Has a dip/indentation behind the tip rail. This baffle shape is rarely used. Concave shaped baffles are really dark in sound and produce a tubby sound. There is next to no power or projection. You won't find many new mouthpieces with this style of baffle.

  • Step Baffle: Has a straight section from the tip rail, then steps down into the chamber. It's basically a wedge or step. The elevated baffle increases the airstream creating a bright punchy sound. If you are looking for serious power, projection, edge, and brightness, this may be a good choice.