Do I have to play a different type of reed on a WC Sax Mouthpiece?

No. WC Sax Mouthpieces are precision made with flat tables and balanced facings. If a mouthpiece is set up properly, you should be able to use any reed or strength.

Are WC Sax Mouthpieces made in the USA?

Yes. I am proud to design, develop, and manufacture my mouthpieces in the USA.

Does WC Sax have a return or trial policy?

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with your WC Sax Mouthpiece for any reason, please send it back for a full refund, minus all shipping charges (See Policies Below). I believe the best business practice is to provide you with great customer service. Please recommend WC Sax to your friends if you received good customer service. It is virtually impossible to make a mouthpiece that will work for everyone, I understand. 

  • Return Policy on Regular Priced Items: All Westcoast Sax Mouthpieces and Accessories include a 5 day Return Policy from the day your order is delivered and confirmed by USPS. Insurance is (Not Included), contact Westcoast Sax before you make a purchase to add insurance to your order. Westcoast Sax is not responsible for lost or stolen items if you did not pay for insurance. You pay shipping both ways if you return the item/s. All Westcoast Sax Mouthpieces and Accessories MUST be returned in the same Brand New Condition as you received them (No Scratches, Flaws, or Damage) NO EXCEPTIONS! If you decide to return an item/s, you must contact me first at or (951) 805-5611 to get a Return Authorization Number. Westcoast Sax is not responsible for your return if it gets lost in the mail or stolen. We highly recommend you insure your return items. Please ship to: (Westcoast Sax) 1350 E. Flamingo Road #124, Las Vegas, Nevada 89119. Sorry no returns on international orders.
  • Return Policy on Pre-Order, Used/Sale Items, Demo, Non Westcoast Sax Brands, and Artist Pricing: Sorry, No Returns or Exchanges.
  • Shipping Policy: New orders are typically shipped within 2-3 business days of your order being placed on Please note this only applies to Westcoast Sax products listed IN STOCK on the website! Pre-Order and Special Order products can take up to 60-90 days before you receive your order. USPS shipping options are listed below
  • USA Shipping Options: USPS First Class (Includes Tracking) USPS Flat Rate Priority (Includes Tracking) USPS Flat Rate Priority Express (Door to Door Tracking) 
  • International Shipping Options: USPS First Class (No Tracking & No Guarantee) USPS Flat Rate Priority (Includes Tracking) USPS Flat Rate Priority Express (Door to Door Tracking)

What makes WC Sax different than other brands?

Quality, Consistency, and Performance is what separates WC Sax from other brands. I personally design, develop, and test all WC Sax Mouthpieces. Nothing gets shipped out that I wouldn't play myself. WC Sax Mouthpieces are player inspired. Your Sound, Our Mission.

Is a metal mouthpiece better than a hard rubber mouthpiece?

No. Just different. Some players choose metal due to the overall smaller size and others don't care. I say... play what's most comfortable for you in terms of comfort and playability. Hard rubber can be just as bright as metal. The interior of the mouthpiece (Baffle and Chamber) is what makes the biggest difference as far as tone. Reeds and ligatures can also play a role in the tone you get.

Is gold plating better than other mouthpiece finishes?

No. Just different. This has been a debate for years, there is no real scientific evidence that shows any significant difference when we are talking about Gold vs Silver vs Rhodium Plating etc. In my opinion, plating is mainly cosmetic. If there is a difference tonally, it's minute. If we are talking about Solid Silver, Platinum, or Solid Gold, then I would say the difference would be more noticeable in terms of tone and resonance. Check out this interesting study on TMS.  The Science of Sound. They compared a $3500 Silver Plated Flute to a $150,000 Solid Gold Flute with little effect on the sound. 

What tip opening should I choose?

The answer is simple, play what's most comfortable for you to achieve your sound without making to much work for yourself. There is a misconception that says, if you play a larger tip opening and stiffer reed, you are a better player. This is entirely incorrect! Some of the best saxophonists of all time like John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, and Dexter Gordon played on smaller tip openings. If you are a beginner, a smaller tip opening is typically easier for the purpose of control and lack of embouchure development. Enjoy playing, don't make it to difficult on yourself. Feel free to email or call me at 951-805-5611 to discuss the best opening for you.

What is a facing?

The facing is how the mouthpiece curves away from the table to the tip. The point where the reed separates away from the table is called the breakpoint. The facing length is the actual distance measured in millimeters, from where the tip of the mouthpiece curves away from the reed. I use a medium facing length which gives you great response, without sacrificing performance and playability in the lower and upper register. 

Short Facing: It will emphasize the upper register due to less of the reed vibrating. If you are looking for a quicker response and less resistance, this may be a good choice. Keep in mind the lower register won't respond as well due to less of the reed vibrating.

Medium Facing: Is the middle point or the balance of a short and long facing. This facing is the best of both worlds allowing you better control, ease of playing, and a quicker response in the lower and upper registers. I use this facing on all WC Sax mouthpiece models.

Long Facing: It will emphasize the lower register due to the thicker part of the reed being able to vibrate more freely. If you are looking for more resistance and a fuller sound, this may be a good choice. Keep in mind the upper register won't respond as well due to more of the reed vibrating.

How is the altissimo range on a WC Sax mouthpiece?

Amazing! WC Sax mouthpieces are designed with an optimal facing and baffle structure which gives you maximum performance and playability. A properly designed mouthpiece will allow you to play all registers with ease. Keep in mind, some players can achieve these top tones easier than others due to their level of skill and experience. If you are willing to put in the work, you will get the results over time. 

Is there a warranty on WC Sax mouthpieces and plating?

Gold and Rhodium Plating is warrantied 1 year from the date of purchase for normal wear and tear. Defects would be: peeling or flaking, You will need to provide proof of purchase. If you purchase a WC Sax mouthpiece second hand, it will not be warrantied.

What is CA Prop 65?



Proposition 65, officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, was enacted as a ballot initiative in November 1986. The proposition protects the state's drinking water sources from being contaminated with chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and requires businesses to inform Californians about exposures to such chemicals.

Proposition 65 requires the state to maintain and update a list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. This warning is specific to residents in California that purchase products that may contain chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. The fact is these warnings are placed on products in your household, restaurants, movie theaters and others.

Why does Westcoast Sax display the Prop 65 label?

Your safety and right to know is our first and foremost #1 priority. If a warning is placed on a product label or posted, the business issuing the warning is aware or believes that it is exposing individuals to one or more listed chemicals. Most woodwind/saxophone companies display this warning label on their packaging and website. Westcoast Sax believes transparency and explanation is best business practices.

The Prop 65 warning does not mean that our products will actually cause harm. The State of California has clarified that “the fact that a product bears a Proposition 65 warning does not mean by itself that the product is unsafe.” Think of the law as a "Right To Know" rather than it being unsafe. For more information go to:  (

Non California Consumers

Westcoast Sax products are sold throughout the United States. It would be virtually impossible to track where our products are being sold or if they are being brought into California. Our best course of action is to include this warning label on every product that may contain chemicals listed on Prop 65. Best Business Practices is a top priority for Westcoast Sax. Westcoast Sax customers have "The Right To Know". 

What We Believe and What We Do

We are confident and believe our products are safe and not harmful. Westcoast Sax strives to comply with California State Safety Standards under Prop 65. We attach labels on all of our packaging for products that fall under the Prop 65 Warning. 

In a nutshell, most saxophone metal mouthpieces are made out of brass and will contain certain levels of Lead and Cadmium. Lead is added to the brass to give it hardness and strength, it also allows for easier machining.

Westcoast Sax metal mouthpieces are made out of brass and are plated in 24K Gold, Rhodium, or coated with a FDA 21 CFR 175.300 Compliant Epoxy Resin (Food Safe). The plating or coating will create a barrier from any Lead or Cadmium being in direct contact with the player. Westcoast Sax has hired a 3rd party laboratory to perform a Lead and Cadmium Wipe Test on all of our Gold Plated, Rhodium Plated, and Epoxy Resin (Food Safe) Finishes. A Raw Brass Control Sample was tested to show there is Lead and Cadmium present without the proper plating or coating on our metal mouthpieces. The test results show BDL (Below Detectable Levels) and NO EVIDENCE of Lead or Cadmium in WC Sax metal mouthpieces and the finishes we offer. (Raw Brass is NOT OFFERED For Sale, it was only used for testing purposes)

OEHHA Website Information

Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)

For more information about Proposition 65, visit:

Does WC sax Test Mouthpieces For Your Safety?

Westcoast Sax 3rd Party Saxophone Mouthpiece Lab Testing

Lead and Cadmium Wipe Test Results

Yes! WC Sax Metal Mouthpieces have been tested. Our Gold, Rhodium, and Epoxy Coated Resin Finishes are BDL (Below Detectable Levels). No trace of Lead or Cadmium.


What Finishes We Tested

WC Sax is proud to have provided this NON REQUIRED ADDITIONAL TESTING to let our customers know we care about their health and safety.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions in regards to WC Sax safety standards or 3rd party lab testing.