CA Prop 65


What is the Prop 65?

Proposition 65, officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, was enacted as a ballot initiative in November 1986. The proposition protects the state's drinking water sources from being contaminated with chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm, and requires businesses to inform Californians about exposures to such chemicals.

Proposition 65 requires the state to maintain and update a list of chemicals known to the state to cause cancer or reproductive toxicity. This warning is specific to residents in California that purchase products that may contain chemicals known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. The fact is these warnings are placed on products in your household, restaurants, movie theaters and others.

Why does Westcoast Sax display the Prop 65 label?

Your safety and right to know is our first and foremost #1 priority. If a warning is placed on a product label or posted, the business issuing the warning is aware or believes that it is exposing individuals to one or more listed chemicals. Most woodwind/saxophone companies display this warning label on their packaging and website. Westcoast Sax believes transparency and explanation is best business practices.

The Prop 65 warning does not mean that our products will actually cause harm. The State of California has clarified that “the fact that a product bears a Proposition 65 warning does not mean by itself that the product is unsafe.” Think of the law as a "Right To Know" rather than it being unsafe. For more information go to:  (

Non California Consumers

Westcoast Sax products are sold throughout the United States. It would be virtually impossible to track where our products are being sold or if they are being brought into California. Our best course of action is to include this warning label on every product that may contain chemicals listed on Prop 65. Best Business Practices is a top priority for Westcoast Sax. Westcoast Sax customers have "The Right To Know". 

What We Believe and What We Do

We are confident and believe our products are safe and not harmful. Westcoast Sax strives to comply with California State Safety Standards under Prop 65. We attach labels on all of our packaging for products that fall under the Prop 65 Warning. 

In a nutshell, most saxophone metal mouthpieces are made out of brass and will contain certain levels of Lead and Cadmium. Lead is added to the brass to give it hardness and strength, it also allows for easier machining.

Westcoast Sax metal mouthpieces are made out of brass and are plated in 24K Gold, Rhodium, or coated with a FDA 21 CFR 175.300 Compliant Epoxy Resin (Food Safe). The plating or coating will create a barrier from any Lead or Cadmium being in direct contact with the player. Westcoast Sax has hired a 3rd party laboratory to perform a Lead and Cadmium Wipe Test on all of our Gold Plated, Rhodium Plated, and Epoxy Resin (Food Safe) Finishes. A Raw Brass Control Sample was tested to show there is Lead and Cadmium present without the proper plating or coating on our metal mouthpieces. The test results show BDL (Below Detectable Levels) and NO EVIDENCE of Lead or Cadmium in WC Sax metal mouthpieces and the finishes we offer. (Raw Brass is NOT OFFERED For Sale, it was only used for testing purposes) Click here for test results. 

OEHHA Website Information

Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)

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