WC Sax Mouthpiece Reviews

Westcoast Sax Mouthpiece Reviews

Kyle E.

Matt is an awesome guy who really knows his stuff. When I was looking for a new alto piece, we had multiple conversations about what worked for me and what didn't. His work is fantastic, and he is very generous with his trial policy. He genuinely loves what he does and cares about the satisfaction of his clientele. If you're in the market for a new mouthpiece, you can't go wrong with Matt and WestCoast Sax.

Gilles L.

I decided to buy a Private Stock tenor mouthpiece based on a video on facebook. When I contacted Matt he wanted to talk to me on facebook video. He wanted to ensure I got the right mouthpiece. His customer service is outstanding and it was obvious to me that he cares a great deal about his products.

I absolutely love the Private Stock mouthpiece. It is an incredibly powerful mouthpiece with lots of bite on the attack. There is a very powerful core. Matt described the mouthpiece as “a cannon” in our conversation and boy, he was not wrong. For pure attack and volume, I do not have a louder mouthpiece. Where this mouthpiece truly amazes me is when you play it softly. It plays incredibly delicately with a beautiful warm, round sound. I would have thought there would be more edge to the sound and that is where this mouthpiece amazes. The other great quality of this mouthpiece is how easily it plays. It plays so easily from the low Bb to the high F#. There is 0 effort in either extremes of the horn. I play soft reeds and it blows in tune throughout the range of the horn. This is just simply a fun mouthpiece to play. It has all the qualities you could ask of a modern mouthpiece: power, attack, precision, intonation and volume. And when you pull back on volume it truly surprises you with its warmth. After playing this mouthpiece for about a month, I emailed Matt and told him he did such a great job on this one I would never need to buy another mouthpiece.

David W.

Matt has the mouthpiece science figured out. Your search for the holy grail mouthpiece ends with Matt at Westcoast Sax!

Chris B.

Matt is a great guy and Westcoast Sax has terrific products. I'm currently playing on a MOAM alto piece and it is the first (and still only) metal alto mouthpiece I've ever been able to enjoy, much less fall in love with. I get tons of compliments on my tone. I also use the BUZZ screw on my Cannonball tenor and can really tell a difference. Next up, having Matt help me find the perfect tenor mouthpiece.

Chris A.

This guy Matt Lee is on fire to stay on the cutting edge of saxophone accessories! I have purchased,the MOFO, MOFO 2 and the MOAM tenor pieces which all play wonderfully and all offer great response in all registers. Easy altissimo and very easy to get that contemporary sound. The buzz screw will make your horn come to life. Matt Lee of Westcoast Sax is a class act!

Mike P.

Awesome mouthpiece (MoFo II), backed up by a stellar individual (Matt Lee)! I love the playability and ass kicking sound of the MoFo II.

Chris G.

Westcoast Sax is always putting out great products from the Buzz Screw to mouthpieces and even the neck straps! I'm proud to use several and especially that High Roller alto mouthpiece! 👌

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Westcoast Sax Mouthpiece Reviews

Jim W.

Matt has done it again with the Westcoast Sax MOAM! I’ve been proudly playing the MoFo II on tenor since last April and now I have a fantastic alto mouthpiece with the MOAM. I find the MOAM to be a very versatile mouthpiece in that not only is it fantastic for playing rock and R&B, but surprisingly I’m also playing it in my big band. It just works in every musical situation that I work in! This mouthpiece is not overly bright, but has plenty of edge while maintaining some warmth and added color to my sound. The mouthpiece is very comfortable to play and I’m now looking forward to getting the soprano MOAM sometime in 2018. Thanks for yet another awesome mouthpiece, Matt!

Don M.

Westcoast Sax is the real deal people! Spectacular mouthpieces at great prices. The attention to the detail caught my eye at first. Then caught my ear! Superior playing pieces with very little effort. Owner Matt is an incredible designer who knows what players want. The guy is always working and will drop what he’s doing to take your call. I’ve spoken to him at length about his mouthpieces and i could feel the energy. Good to know a company owner (not an admin) will take the time to discuss his product with the public. Westcoast Sax is my new best friend! Addendum to my review. I now play Westcoast Moams on all three horns. Tenor, Alto & Soprano. Love them all! Keep up the fantastic work Matt!!

Phil M.

Massive congratulations to Matt, this mouthpiece is epic! I bought the Mofo #115 as a bit of an experiment, being perfectly happy with my set up........but it really is something else! Amazing tone quality, fluid in 4 octaves and incredible power. I don't know how you've done this but THANK YOU!

Ace B.

This is THE best rock & blues mouthpiece I've ever played, and I've tried just about anything ever built during my 74 years on this planet! Thanks again Matt. Even "old" sax guys are never complacent, always striving to play better. Thus I introduce to my FB friends my new weapon of choice: The MoFo mouthpiece from Westcoast Sax. The MoFo incorporates custom design features created by Matt of Westcoast Sax and plays like it's name: this is one bad MF! It has more edge, more projection, more power and plays easier than anything I've ever tried, a list that includes Otto Links, Bergs, Jody Jazz, Guardala, Brillhart, Rovner, Dukoff and others. Check it out at

Lenny P.

I've been trying tenor mouthpieces for the past couple of years.. Always searching and searching & NADA.. Been needn a piece that just plays ever so controllably. Jody Jazz was the closest to comfort I could find, until I talked to my friend Matt... he said try this piece called a MOFO.. I said what? So he sent me one that I have been playn on all morning! WOW WOW WOW... I've played them all.. Ted KLUM LONDON, JODY JAZZ DV's, Bergs, Ottos, No USA, Jody Chicago, Literally nothing even compares to this bad boy.... MOFO is the way to go... Plays ever so effortlessly! Super soft to being on FIRE! NO MORE SEARCHING! If u need a mouthpiece that won't tire u out and plays like butter.. THIS IS THE ONE! Holy Boloney! THANKS MATT.... what a kewl Vato!

Scott M.

Matt and his company Westcoast Sax are taking the saxophone world by storm. Matt’s ideas and concepts in mouthpiece design are very inspiring and let me achieve my tonal concept very easily. Since having immense success with the MOFO II I went ahead and purchased a MOAM for my Tenor and a MOAM for my Alto. These pieces are just killin. Matt’s customer service is impeccable and I can’t wait to see what products he comes out with in the future.

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Steve G.

I own two MOAM mouthpieces and I love them. Excellent design and workmanship, and they play great. The soprano piece I own opened up my sound considerably, and really projects. The alto mouthpiece is also a killer and plays very nice at different volumes. Easy to control and the response and frequency range is right where I want it. I’m saving up for a tenor mouthpiece from Westcoast because I love the others so much. So... overall: excellent products. Try one!

John G.

I love my Rose Gold MOAM .105 Tenor mouthpiece. Great tonal response and power. Thumbs up! 👍

Candido A.

The quality of Westcoast Sax mouthpieces goes above and beyond anything else in the market today. Matt takes every measure to make sure that each mouthpiece leaves perfect. I myself play on the MOFO II Tenor Saxophone mouthpiece and can confidently say that it gives me the sound needed to get my job done as a working professional saxophonist. I’m proud to endorse this company and to work with Matt. I highly recommend looking into Westcoast Sax won’t be disappointed!

Edgardo B.

Happy with my M💥AM Tenor mouthpiece. Fat sound with edge and easy playability and has the perfect shank length for proper tuning. 💪🏻🎷

Isaac A.

Matt is a fantastic mouthpiece maker and musician. I’ve been playing on the MOAM for alto and tenor and they are both excellent. Very easy to play, the sound is excellent, and the intonation is much better than many other contemporary mouthpieces out there.