Fred S.

My first introduction to Matt Lee was through a mutual Sax peer/acquaintance Steve Neff. Through Steve's reviews of the first Generation MoFo, I was sold! I called Matt on a Saturday afternoon, left him a message on what I was looking for and returned my call within minutes. This was one of the best calls I've made in my entire life, as we connected immediately and purchased the MoFo II for Tenor all in the same initial conversation. Long story short, the rest is History! Matt is extremely gifted and very knowledgeable of vintage saxophones, mouthpieces, accessories and anything Sax! He's a straight shooter and calls it like it is, because that's the way it is! From the Buzz Screw to his line of Custom Mouthpieces, every single one of his recommendations have been Spot On! He is nothing less than The "Real Deal"

Jason P.

Matt is da bomb!! Always extremely helpful, professional, and always has cool stuff! Matt is one of "us" guy who won't talk you down when you ask about a product, or need help!! Look no further!

Steve R.

When it comes to the highest quality saxophones, sax mouthpieces, and any sax gear, you can be certain that Westcoast Sax has the best of the best! I've bought several vintage Saxophones and mouthpieces from Westcoast Sax, and everything has been perfect, and if anything, even better than I expected. Matt is fantastic and knows his stuff as well as anyone, and is beyond honest and trustworthy. You can be 100% sure that whatever you get will be exactly as described and that Matt will be super helpful and provide you with the best customer service always!"

Don M.

Westcoast Sax is the real deal people! Spectacular mouthpieces at great prices. The attention to the detail caught my eye at first. Then caught my ear! Superior playing pieces with very little effort. Owner Matt is an incredible designer who knows what players want. The guy is always working and will drop what he’s doing to take your call. I’ve spoken to him at length about his mouthpieces and i could feel the energy. Good to know a company owner (not an admin) will take the time to discuss his product with the public. Westcoast Sax is my new best friend!

Eddie B.

Matt at Westcoast Sax provides great products. His vision helps sax players to achieve better results. Some companies just sell. Not Westcoast sax. He listens to all of our recommendations then produces what we need. He is knowledgeable and has helped many musicians achieve a better quality in their sound and in the equipment they use.

Tommy H.

Matt is fantastic!! He sells high quality products at great prices and goes out of his way to answer all your questions and will bend over backwards to accommodate your needs and ensure that you have a great experience doing business with him. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Steven G.

I first spoke to Matt about 2 1/2 years ago pertaining to the sound I was looking for on my Alto and Tenor Saxophones. He responded to my question by sending me his phone number and said to call in 20. Explained that I play in a praise and worship team and was looking for that deep warm sound and he pointed me to the next steps. So now here I am taking my chances at getting that amazing mouthpiece. Thanks for the opportunity Matt. Amazing people to just open up and help someone with only the love of Christ and music to give.